Plastic Curtains launched by Social Ocean is the trading name of W.C.Munsch and Company Limited.

With over 40 years of experience in the industrial rubber and plastic curtain sector Munsch & Co now specialise in rolls, blocks, sheeting, strips, and gaskets, using materials such as cork, rubber, metals, sponge, foam, and non asbestos fibre. They also supply moldings, plastic, and industrial fittings.

Munsch & Co are currently based within Clarence Mill, sister to the Adelphi Mill, located in Bollington.

In 2003 Munsch & Co realised that the market price of plastic curtains did not represent good value for money and they believed they could offer their customers a better overall price.

Since then their product portfolio has grown to meet customer demand and they now supply products such as crash doors and insect screens at highly competitive prices.

Whether you’re a trade or end user Munsch & Co believe in providing a professional, cost conscious service spreading across their entire product range.