Welcome to Social Ocean. We are a well-established business of more than seven years bringing unique web design services to our clients. Through sharing your goals and personally getting to know you and your products, we can help build a high-quality tailor-made website that is guaranteed to get your online presence noticed. We provide excellent, professional support that our clients trust, fulfilling your every need to ensure perfection.

We believe that your website needs to reflect your individual style of business. Therefore, our team of professional and creative development services are dedicated to ensuring that it looks attractive, unique and guarantee that it works for you.

Making a website stand out and create a lasting first impression is something we at Social Ocean strive to achieve. This can be broken down to not only the beautiful design and display of your company/business but the intricate detail within the layout that will set you apart from the rest.

Step 1: Think

We begin the web design process by getting to know our clients and understanding everything that they wish to achieve. This can be through meetings, email conversations or over the phone.

Communication with our clients is a fundamental part in building the foundations of the web design, so we can ensure that all of your ideas and individual needs are met and become reality.

Step 2: Design

Once the information regarding the framework of the website you want to see has been shared with us, we can begin the process of creating a custom designed website tailored specifically to you.

Collaboration with one another is key to determine the success of your website. Details including the colour scheme, typography and different variations of device responsiveness will be shared with you for your review and personal input as well as the initial concepts and ideas that we have devised, ready for your feedback.

Step 3: Build

When you are completely happy with the proposal, we will finish the web design process by constructing a fully functional website, following every detail of your design proposal, which we will then share with you to test and provide us with any crucial feedback.

The final website needs to adhere to all your ideas and work perfectly for you. We pride ourselves in ensuring that you are happy with every detail of the website design, the layout and the functions it provides.

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