Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Approach
We implement intelligent long-term sustainable strategies for businesses who want to minimise risk and build their online marketing on solid foundations.

The SEO business is full of agencies providing quick fixes to Google rankings, this is in part down to the demands of clients. The result is quick results which then disappear after 3 – 6 months when the next Google update takes effect.

As a company we’ve always insisted on strong sustainable SEO strategies which sometimes mean waiting 6 – 12 months to see strong results. However, those results are built on strong foundations and unlike quick wins they won’t disappear over night, they’ll continue to grow.

The proof: As Google’s killer update Penguin and Penguin MK2 hit in 2013 many companies rankings dropped from page one to page 5 and worse.

However, we were delighted to see every single one of our clients’ rankings increase many even saw a doubling of traffic (and revenue) as a result.

Our SEO Process

1. Analysis phase

1.1 We analyse your website analytics, looking at traffic sources, time on site, bounce rates and conversions.

1.2 Competitor analysis looking at competitors SEO strategies, backlinks and content.

2. Proposal

2.1 We’ll produce a proposal outlining our strategy suggestions and targets for the next 12 – 24 months.

2.2 We’ll include the deliverables necessary to delivery the strategy and targets mentioned above.

2.3. Example SEO deliverables include:
- Developing an effective site information hierarchy
- Creating useful and relevant content on a regular basis to fill out the site information hierarchy
- Adding content to the website and blog along with images and video
- Reducing bounce rate of key pages
- Reputation management
- Natural link acquisition
- Monthly reporting and phone consultation.

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“We have been working with Social Media Limited for over a year now. The team are always very responsive and happy to talk through new ideas. The website is delivering solid and growing sales and we have big plans to scale up our online marketing moving forward..”

Amie Brelsford – Sales and Marketing Manager, Spiral Colour (Print Android)